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 Child Support

The Centre provides assistance to clients on different child support issues inclusive of but not limited to:

  1. Parentage testing for purposes of child support

  2. Child Support Agreements,

  3. Change of Assessments (Application and Objection),

  4. Legal advice only on Social Security Administrative Tribunal matters and limited Appeals matters.

  5. Advice on collection of child support arrears through private enforcement action,

  6. Adult Child Maintenance for children who are over 18 years and are still completing their studies and those that have physical or mental health issues.

As part of the services listed above, the Centre can assist with negotiating with the other party and preparing court documents so that our clients can represent themselves in Court. We can provide ongoing advice to clients during the court process until the matters are finalised.


However we do not have resources to represent clients in court.

The Department of Human Services; Child Support is responsible for calculating child support payable by the payer parents (parent who do not have the children majority of the time but financially supports them) to the receiving/payee parent.


For more information about the other services the Department provides and how it works; visit the website or by telephone on 131272.

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