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Domestic Violence Legal Service

We recognise that domestic violence can affect people from all walks of life and can take shape in many different forms. We also understand that those who are already disadvantaged, can be more at risk of family violence than the rest of the community. Our team of experienced legal practitioners can provide sensitive, tailored legal advice to people at risk of domestic violence. 

We can provide detailed advice about restraining orders, Magistrate Court applications and applications to the Family Court of Western Australia for parenting orders or injunctions. We can also provide advice about seeking compensation for injuries sustained as a result of offences committed against you. We work closely with other domestic violence support services within the South West region, and can help clients access other necessary supports. 

Our duty lawyer services can also assist clients with Family Violence Restraining Order and family law matters. We provide a duty lawyer to assist with Family Violence Restraining Order matters every Tuesday in the Bunbury Magistrates Court and every second Wednesday in the Busselton Magistrates Court. We also provide a duty lawyer service to assist clients during the Family Court of Western Australia Bunbury circuit. 

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